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Xiao Ao Jianghu [2013]

Being a drama based on a book, and seeing all the times the book has been brought on the screen, it is understandable why the producers of the new XJH would like to make changes. Problem is what can be changed without changing the overall feel/structure of the story – if that is even possible.

In Xiao Ao Jianghu, the main plot centers around LGC’s and his adventures in the martial arts world. Namely:

  • Enjoying life and in love with Lingshan
  • Pingzhi shows up and ‘steals’ Lingshan and LGC learns from the elder from the sword sect
  • Members of the sword sect try to cause trouble for his master but LGC saves the day but is wounded.
  • Meets the 6 immortals, injury gets worse.
  • Meets the guqin playing granny(RYY). Ends up in Shaolin temple where he learns he has been expelled from Huashan.
  • Helps free RWX and helps him kill DFBB.
  • Becomes the master to the nun school.
  • Attends the meeting where YBQ becomes the chief of the unified schools.
  • YBQ traps the leaders of the other schools in the cave with counter-moves drawn on the walls. They end up killing each other.
  • Lingshan and her mom die.
  • LGC leaves jianghu after the death of YBQ with RYY

From the preview it seems that there is something between LGC and DFBB. At first I wasn’t on board with this idea but after thinking about it, I liked the twists it would bring. And since DFBB has to die meaning LGC will end up with RYY, no harm done. But such an adjustment can have heavy implication on he overall plot development. Think of it as a butterfly effect. Won’t this mean that LGC will in turn be RWX enemy? Where will this put the RYY/LGC situation?

I welcome changes to classics, as long as they are not crazy. Otherwise what would be the point of watching it if everything will be the same. I can’t say I am a long time fan as I just recently discovered the series but I have watched the 2000 and the 2001 productions. Of the two I prefer the 2000 one but it seems that the many people think that the 1984 was the best. One thing I did notice from both the 2000 & 2001 productions is that LGC story was almost identical. This is where the LGC/DFBB relationship has me a bit worried.

None the less if by the end of the series it feels like Xiao Ao Jianghu and I thoroughly entertained, kuddos to the producers and all the changes they made.

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